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We’re considering ways to expand Medicare to everyone, a public option, and universal healthcare. These’re all things that have existed for decades, in one of the ways or perhaps another. But with the strategy of ours, they will get practical options. We are looking at each of the healthcare options available today, like the public option. From education and healthcare to economic justice and environmental stewardship, his sponsored bills mirror a thorough method of governance.

Dan Helmer’s legislative track record is a testament to his commitment to progressive values and https://www.vpap.org his constituents’ desires. While not all legislation becomes law, the initiatives Helmer champions are an obvious indication of the change he seeks to bring to Virginia. Environmental protection is a top priority for Helmer, whom sponsored House Bill 2198, aimed at promoting renewable energy and decreasing carbon dioxide emissions. This legislation was a telephone call to action for Virginia to guide in the battle against climate change.

Why is Helmer running for Congress? ”As I observed that trend accelerate, I knew I had to act. Collectively, we have built a movement which is going to deliver this historic victory. When elected, I am going to work in a bipartisan approach to increase access to affordable healthcare, produce schooling debt-free, and also ensure equal pay for equal work,” Helmer wrote. Helmer wrote on the website of his that after serving in Afghanistan, he wanted to serve once more but saw politicians on both sides of the aisle compromising rather than standing up for what’s right.

however, it became clear that we might get a bigger victory in my own district, the very first US House seat that voted for Trump. When I was required to help a pal’s campaign to flip Virginia’s 10th district last year, I made a decision to join the battle. Join the team of ours as well as assist us earn your vote. Join The Team of ours. There is an enormous variety of work to be done building an even better future for Virginia. That’s why we need the help of yours.

In a video clip posted to the Facebook page of his, Helmer describes the tenth District as ”divided between people who have grown increasingly alienated from the present political system along with all those who are frustrated with the politics of ours, but still support the incumbent.” The district ”isn’t split by party, it’s split between the folks who support Washington as well as people who want genuine solutions,” he said. ”This is a district wherever we can send a powerful message to Washington: don’t can you choose to support your party instead of helping your constituents.

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